Create a positive culture

Teachers encourage teamwork and collaboration

Give students a voice

Students can showcase and share their learning

Share with parents

Get parents engaged by sharing photos and videos.

Real-time Attendance

School time attendance system with biometric capabilities

Any classroom, any device

Works on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer

Two-Way Messaging

Allows for more personal & instant interactions when needed.

Private & Secure

This product is built for schools. We are FERPA and COPPA compliant.

Live Chat Help

Support 24h a day. Our team answers chats as they arrive.

Automate paperwork and compliance

Easy digital assignment management

Secure Platform

Easy-to-use interface

Designed to help you effectively communicate with parents and build stronger relationships.

  • Positively impact student performance and behavior
  • Save time and effort
  • Streamline communication
Clients Satisfaction Rate: 90%
Provide Feedback

Access from the comfort of your own devices, at any time.

The platform provides parents with an easy and convenient way to stay informed and involved in their child's education.

  • Stay connected and involved
  • Real-time updates, announcements, and reminders
  • Have a positive impact on student success
Clients Return Rate: 70%
Streamline Communication

Reduce the need for phone calls

Saves teachers and parents time and effort.

  • Secure and private feedback
  • Convenient and real-time communication
  • Improved student success
Education Solution Rate: 85%

Guaranteed improvement in performance

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