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IEP software for special education tracking and reporting

Provide the best education experience for your students and foster deeper relationships in the classroom

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Personalized Instruction

Track Student Accommodations

IEPs are crucial for helping teachers provide the most appropriate instruction to students with special needs.

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Secure & Stable

Teach to Specific Needs

General student information, personalized learning preferences, and IEP accommodation information in one unified solution.

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Simplify the IEP Process

Students with individual needs require different types of accommodations

IEPs are a critical part of the classroom experience. With the rise of personalized learning, it’s generally understood that not all students learn the same way.

Special Education Case Management

One convenient place for pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development, service documentation, state reporting, and data collection for Medicaid billing.

Simplify Case Management

With simplified document creation, management, and reporting, meeting due dates and milestones is easier than ever.

Have Confidence in Compliance

Meet compliance requirements without the stress. Data validations and workflow case management features ensure no steps are skipped.

Increase Family Convenience

Save families trips to the school by providing web-based access to forms and student progress in the parent portal.

Awarded Company

Provide differentiated instruction and the support mandated to help every child reach their fullest potential.

Understand Students’ Needs

Quickly assemble usable statistical data for periodic student progress reporting.

If you have any questions or queries a member of our team will always be happy to help.

  • Student’s behavior
  • Goals progress
  • Secure place to communicate
Clients Satisfaction Rate: 90%
Easy to Use

Do you find yourself frustrated with complicated software that steals precious time away from your teaching?

Our focus on user-friendly software and exceptional customer service has earned us a stellar reputation, enabling you to focus on making a greater impact in your classroom.

  • Maximizing the potential of teachers
  • Instructional support data
  • Capture student successes
Educator Return Rate: 70%
Special Educators

Boost teacher effectiveness

Special education teachers face a challenging task of juggling instruction, individualized teaching, and IEP adherence simultaneously. It is unreasonable to expect them to perform all these complex responsibilities effectively with current systems in place. iFunza boosts teacher effectiveness through:

  • Instructional and pedagogical resources
  • Workflow tools for collaboration
  • Reduction in paperwork requirements
Education Solution Rate: 85%

Trusted and used by 2k+ education institutions.

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